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Departments - Medicine

Prof. S.V. Madhu                                                                   09.01.2014 to 08.01.2017
Head, Department of Medicine
University of Delhi
C/o University College of Medical Sciences
Delhi – 110 095.

Composition of Committee of Courses & Studies (CCS) (E.C. 161 dated 24.12.2001)

1 i The Head of the Department of the University shall be the Chairman.
  ii The College Head of the department concerned shall be one of the members (namely M.A.M.C./L.H.M.C./U.C.M.S./and V.P.C.I.).
  iii One Professor from each institution by rotation (the rotation shall be on seniority wise).
  iv One Reader/Associate Professor from each institution by rotation (the rotation shall be seniority wise).

Note: The duration of Committee of Courses and Studies shall be for two years.

2 The notice of the meeting shall be issued to each member at least three days before the date of meeting.
3 The quorum shall consist of three members.
» Composition of Committee of Courses & Studies (CCS)
» Seniority List
» Title of thesis submitted by the postgraduate students
» Curriculum : UG and PG
Seniority List
College: Lady Hardinge Medical College:-
Professor 1. Dr. S.K. Sharma (Director Professor)
  2. Dr. M.K. Bhatnagar
  3. Dr. S.K. Jain
  4. Dr. Anil Gurtoo
  5. Dr. Atul Goel
  6. Dr. R.K. Dhamija (On study leave last two year)
  7. Dr. L.H. Ghotkar
  8. Dr. S.K. Mishra
  9. Dr. Anurag Rohtagi
  10. Dr. Madhur Yadav
  11. Dr. Neeta Bhardwaj
Associate Professor             1. Dr. Debasish Choudhry
  2. Dr. Anupam Prakash
  3. Dr. Anil Kaintura
  4. Dr. Ghanshyam Pangtey
College: Maulana Azad Medical College:-
Professor: 1. Dr. Richa Dewan, Director Professor & HOD
  2. Dr. P. Kar, Director Professor
  3. Dr. Naresh Kumar, Professor
  4. Dr. H.S. Hira, Professor
  5. Dr. M.K. Daga, Professor
  6. Dr. N.P. Singh, Professor
  7. Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Professor
  8. Dr. Suresh Kumar, Professor
  9. Dr. D.P. Bhadoria, Professor
Associate Professor:         1. Dr. R. S. Ahlawat, Associate Professor
  2. Dr. S. Anuradha, Associate Professor
Assistant Professor:         1. Dr. Sandeep Garg, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. Sunita Aggarwal, Assistant Professor
  3. Rajat Jhamb, Assistant Professor (Contract)
College: University College of Medical Sciences:- Date of Appointment
Professor: 1. Dr. O.P. Kalra (Principal & Professor) 18.07.1994
  2. Dr. S. Dwivedi (Professor & Head) 11.02.1991
  3. Dr. M.P. Agarwal 21.07.1999
  4. Dr. S.V. Madhu 22.08.2000
  5. Dr. Rajneesh Avasthi 09.05.2001
  6. Dr. Sunil Agarwal 09.06.2001
CHS Cadre:-      
Professor: 1. Dr. Gajender Singh 16.04.2002
  2. Dr. Subhash Giri   21.05.2005

Title of thesis submitted by the postgraduate students

Plan of Thesis (Year 2017)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2016)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2015)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2014)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2013)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2012)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2011)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2010)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2009)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2008 & 2007)

Plan of Thesis (Year 2006)

Curriculum : UG and PG

Curriculum for MD: General Medicine

Curriculum for MBBS in Medicine

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