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Departments - ENT

Prof. T.S Anand,
Head, Department of Otolaryngology,
University of Delhi,
C/o Lady Hardinge Medical College,
New Delhi-110001.

Composition of Committee of Courses & Studies (CCS) (E.C. 161 dated 24.12.2001)

1 i The Head of the Department of the University shall be the Chairman.
  ii The College Head of the department concerned shall be one of the members (namely M.A.M.C./L.H.M.C./U.C.M.S./and V.P.C.I.).
  iii One Professor from each institution by rotation (the rotation shall be on seniority wise).
  iv One Reader/Associate Professor from each institution by rotation (the rotation shall be seniority wise).

Note: The duration of Committee of Courses and Studies shall be for two years.

2 The notice of the meeting shall be issued to each member at least three days before the date of meeting.
3 The quorum shall consist of three members.
Seniority List
College: Lady Hardinge Medical College:-
Professor: 1. Dr. J.K Sahni (Director Professor & Head)
  2. Dr. T.S. Anand
  3. Dr. N.N. Mathur
  4. Dr. Sunil Kumar
Associate Professor:            1. Dr. A. Chakravarti
College: Maulana Azad Medical College:-
Professor: 1. Dr. Anoop Raj Professor & HOD
  2. Dr. Achal Gulati, Professor
  3. Dr. J.C. Passey, Professor
  4. Dr. P.K. Rathore, Professor
  5. Dr. Ishwar Singh, Professor
  6. Dr. Shelly Khanna Chadha, Professor
Assistant Professor: 1. Dr. Ravi Meher, Assistant Professor
  2. Dr. Vikas Malhotra, Assistant Professor
College: University College of Medical Sciences:- Date of Appointment
Professor: 1. Dr. (Mrs.) Lakshmi Vaid 12.04.2002
Reader: 1. Dr. Arun Goyal 28.01.1998
Lecturer in Sr. Scale: 1. Dr. (Mrs.) Nilima Gupta 24.04.2003
CHS Cadre:-      
Professor: 1. Dr. P.P. Singh (Professor & Head) 01.04.1995
  2. Dr. H.C. Taneja 05.04.2002
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