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About the FMSc

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has been established under the provision of statute 9 (Nine) of the Statute of the University of Delhi and the Faculty has such powers and to perform such duties as may be assigned by Statutes and the Ordinances and shall, from time to time, appoint such and so many committees of courses and studies in different branches of knowledge as may be prescribed by the Ordinances. The Faculty shall also consider and make such recommendations to the Academic Council on any question pertaining to respective spheres of work as may appear necessary or on any matter referred to by the Academic Council.

Dean of the Faculty

Prof. Sudha Prasad, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Maulana Azad Medial College, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110002, is the present Dean of Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Statute 12 (twelve) of the Statutes of the University states that:
» About the FMSc
» Dean of the Faculty
» Faculty Members Under Statute 9 (3)


The Deanship of a Faculty will rotate amongst the Departments of that faculty. For that purpose a list of such Departments, in the order reckoned from the date of their establishment, the oldest Department being put first and so on, shall be prepared. Where two or more departments have been established on the same date, their relative place in the list will be determined by draw of lots.

Any person who is the Head of that Department whose turn comes according to the list, shall be the Dean for a period of three years provided that if that person ceases to be the Head before completing the said term, his successor in the Department shall be the Dean for the remainder of the term and provided further that in a case where the turn of such a department comes where the Dean is to act as the Head, that Department will be bypassed by the one immediately next to it in the list.

(1-A) Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause (1), where there is a Professor in a Faculty, a Reader shall not be appointed as its Dean, In such a situation, if there is a Professor, in that Department whose turn comes according to the list, he shall be the Dean; if there is no such Professor, that Department will be bypassed to be followed by next in the list and so on till such time it is ensured that a Professor alone becomes the Dean.

(1-B) When there is no Professor or Reader in a Faculty who can be appointed as its Dean, then the Vice-Chancellor, or the Pro-Vice-Chancellor if so designated by the Vice – Chancellor, shall act as the Dean of that Faculty.

The Dean of each Faculty shall be the executive officer of the Faculty, and shall preside at its meetings.
The Dean shall issue the lecture lists of the University in the Departments comprised in the Faculty, and shall be responsible for the conduct of the teaching therein.
4. The Dean shall have the right to be present and to speak at any meeting of any committee of the Faculty, but not to vote thereat unless he is a member of the Committee.

Dean’s of the Faculty of Medical Sciences:
Prof. Sita Achaya
01.10.1970 – 30.09.1972
Prof. S. Nath 01.10.1972 – 30.09.1974
Prof. A. S. Paintal 01.10.1974 – 26.09.1977
Prof. Santosh Chawla 27.09.1977 – 26.09.1979
Prof. T.A.V. Subramanian 10.10.1979 – 09.10.1981
Prof. P. Sen 10.10.1981 – 09.10.1983
Prof. O. P. Jaggi 20.10.1983 – 19.10.1986
Prof. A. K. Gupta 20.10.1986 – 19.10.1989
Prof. I.S. Dusaj 20.10.1989 – 05.11.1991
Prof. P. Chadha 06.11.1991 – 19.10.1992
Prof. P. Sen Gupta 20.10.1992 – 30.11.1992
Prof. O. P. Tandon 01.12.1992 – 19.10.1995
Prof. B.B.L. Aggarwal 20.10.1995 – 22.10.1996
Prof. G. K. Sharma 23.10.1996 – 19.10.1998
Prof. Neena Gulati 20.10.1998 – 03.03.1999
Prof. Kusum Sehgal 23.05.1999 – 29.06.1999
Prof. A. T. Kanan 04.08.1999 – 19.10.2001
Prof. B. K. Jain 20.10.2001 – 21.05.2004
Prof. U. K. Shrivastava 03.06.2004 – 19.10.2004
Prof. O. P. Kalra 20.10.2004 – 08.01.2005
Prof. P. Kar 09.01.2005 – 19.10.2007
Prof. Usha Rusia 20.10.2007 – 27.11.2008
Prof. Tejinder Singh 28.11.2008 – 20.01.2009
Prof. Kiran Mishra 22.01.2009 - 19.10.2010
Prof. Jolly Rohtagi 20.10.2010 - 21.10.2011
Prof. Upreet Dhaliwal 22.10.2011 - 19.10.2013
Prof. Reva Tripathi 20.10.2013 - 02.09.2015
Prof. Sudha Prasad 03.09.2015 - 19.10.2016


(3) Each Faculty shall consist of the following members, namely:

  i. Dean of the Faculty
  ii Heads of Departments of Studies in the Faculty
  iii All Professors in the Faculty
  iv One Reader and one Lecturer, by rotation according to seniority, from each Department in the Faculty

One Teacher concerned, by rotation according to seniority, from each College;

Provided that the College provides instruction in any of the subjects assigned to the Faculty;


Persons not connected with the University and having expert knowledge of the subject or subjects concerned co-opted by the Faculty, not more than one for each Department of the Faculty

Provided that in the case of Faculties, where the number of Departments established is less than five, the number of persons so co-opted may be up to, but not more than five;

Five persons nominated by the Academic council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor, for their special knowledge of any subject assigned to the Faculty or any allied branch of knowledge

(4) All members of a Faculty other than ex-officio members, shall hold office for a term of three years.

(5) The conduct of the meeting of a Faculty and the quorum required for each Faculty shall be prescribed by the Ordinances.

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